Know your breed - No dog is "for everyone"

Know your breed - No dog is "for everyone"

We do not sugarcoat or shy away from the fact that "Pit Bulls" are not "for everyone". The truth is, no dog is.  

"Pit Bulls" are (generally) big, muscular dogs, and like other dogs, they are not always well-suited for all owners or households.

We do make the distinction, however, that this is not due to their temperament, but rather due to their physical capacity.

And, since problems arise when one stereotypes, we do also want to add that each dog is an individual - that is, some small dogs can be much harder to control than some large dogs, and NO dog should be labeled based solely on breed. 

"Pit Bulls" (like all dogs), should be well-trained and treated with love and respect; they should never be abused or trained to fight. As with any dog, they require a handler who is able to control their physicality in times of excitement or distraction.

All dog owners should take the time to understand a breed and assess what best fits their world before selecting a dog.

All dog owners should also be mindful that any dog can bite, and that big, powerful dogs are exactly that - big and powerful. (It should be obvious, but - regardless of aggressive nature, a big and powerful bite will be more damaging than a less powerful bite. This is an especially important note when considering a household with small children).

You simply won't find a better dog than a "Pit Bull". But novice dog owners are extremely well-advised to educate themselves on proper leash handling, dog body language, socialization and other dog training related items first, before bringing home your new best friend. For your sake, and for the safety and success of your new dog.

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